Wednesday, September 23, 2009

the reincarnation of the industrial age

I was going to discuss Victorian Industrial, but I think that it would be more fitting to first focus on the steampunk genre, because this covers not only music but books , film, and a fashion style.

Simply put, steampunk is a science fiction/fantasy genre based in the Industrial Age. Confused? I was too at first, and I must admit I'm still learning a great deal about the steampunk genre. It's like mixing Victorian mechanics and techology with modern technological developments and inventions to create a 19th century that never happened. Think of the mechanical spider of the 1999 film The Wild Wild West having actually been a real invention in the 1860s. Or H.G. Wells' Time Machine. Or the possibility of cell phones in the Victorian era.

Steampunk enthusiasts have been known to build computers that look like they were engineered in the 19th century, such as this one where the original keys have been replaced with typewriter keys and the monitor has been lined with a brass-like metal:

image source: Pastile Cu Spotlight blog

It's turned into a considerable subculture among enthusiasts. More on the many facets of steampunk to come.

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  1. ah. I get it now! I thought it was related to punk rock this whole time. Silly me.