Thursday, September 24, 2009

steampunk blogs

Here's a pretty cool blog related to all things steampunk,especially the making of steampunk items such as clothes (work corset anyone?) or lamps:

I am impressed with the amount of links to other steampunk sites and blogs, as well as the blog posts relating to articles and events in the steampunk world. It appears the blogger, "Jake von Slatt," was the originator of the brass-colored computer monitor pictured in my last post.

And who knew that one of the Boston fashion week designers focuses on steampunk? A quote in von Slatt's blog, taken from this article in the Boston Globe:
I’m picturing lots of coal-stained faces and dust. How do you work different materials into your pieces without them becoming too much like costumes? Well, sometimes they do become a little bit like costumes. I just experiment with a lot of different materials, and my hands pay dearly for it. They’re always cut up and burned. The first time around I used basic metal. This time around I’m using rivets . . . .

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