Wednesday, October 28, 2009

alice in music videos

Continuing with yesterday's thread, I thought I'd post three music videos that have strong Alice in Wonderland influences.

The first is Aerosmith's "Sunshine." The lyrics mention Alice in Wonderland and going down a rabbit hole. Steve Tyler portrays the Mad Hatter, while "Alice" walks through a forest and encounters characters from the book such as the White Rabbit and the Queen of Hearts (although I have NO idea what that werewolf-looking thing is.) This is the best quality video I could find.

The next is the music video for Gwen Stefani's "What You Waiting For?" This music video shows Gwen struggling with writer's block on a song. She goes to a clinic that helps with writer's block, but unexpectedly ends back up at the studio. A little Japanese rabbit figurine hops at her while she's holding a pocketwatch and she is sent to Wonderland. She portrays several characters from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass, rediscovering her inspiration to write songs. Note: the Harajuku girls mentioned in the video are well-known for their unique style, including Gothic Lolita and cyberpunk-type styles. I apologize for the Spanish subtitles; the English versions of the song would not let me embed the video.

The last video is German industrial metal band OOMPH's "Labyrinth." I'm almost afraid to touch this one due to the heavy pedophilic undertones. Alice is played by a young girl who makes her way through a confusing maze. On the way she encounters the Mad Hatter, played by lead singer Dero, many times. She attends a tea party in which all the adults are drinking blood-red wine and the feast before them is rotting and filled with maggots and the White Rabbit is pulled in a BDSM collar and chain. She also flees a possessed version of herself who paints white roses red and then cuts one of the roses with a pair of scissors, causing it to bleed red. The end of the video shows that the entire labyrinth is a figment of Dero's imagination while he's in an insane asylum. A much darker version of the Alice theme than the other two videos.

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  1. Oh I'm glad you explained that last one in detail because I was like hmm I'm not sure I wanna watch this...
    After seeing the phrase "down the rabbit hole" (which you might have said in the other post but just didn't stick out to me for some reason) and thinking about that creepy Alice from the video game, I also think Alice obsessions maybe reflect society's unconscious desires to just let go and allow insanity and weirdness and the unexplainable to take over sometimes.
    Like I mean, why do we watch horror movies? Do we really watch them out of enjoyment of gore, or is there some other intrinsic need we're fulfilling? I'd like to go with the latter.