Saturday, October 10, 2009

here comes the bride...

My ideas of the perfect marriage ceremony has changed drastically since I started thinking about it around the time I was... oh, let's say five or six. My idea of the perfect wedding was the stereotypical fairytale wedding (come on... I grew up in the Golden Age of Disney princess movies. Although The Little Mermaid was the only movie of that period that clearly ended with a wedding, I had pretty princess dresses, ballrooms and a handsome man in some sort of formal attire on the brain.)

After having been to a few real weddings, however, I am okay with a smaller wedding with few trappings. Those fairy tale weddings aren't worth it if you can't see past the big day. Some of these couples (i.e. the bride) puts way too much time into the colors ad decorations of the ceremony and party and not enough effort into the actual marriage. Besides, the guests are usually bored.

The best wedding I've been to was a relative's wedding a few years ago. The couple were older- perhaps their mid-40s or early 50s. The ceremony was in an undecorated banquet hall, and we all sat at the dining tables for the entire 15-minute ceremony. After the "I dos," the servers came out with our dinner. Fast and efficient.

That being said, I still have wedding ideas on the mind. My twin sister and I have recently become joint maids-of-honor for my dear friend Christine. She wants a simple, traditional wedding (no fairytale either.) How disappointing. I'd love to design someone else's wedding.

But if I could use her as a guinea pig, I'd suggest this cake for her (thanks Scott for calling this to my attention):

image source: We <3 It
You could top it off with the typical bride and groom figures:

image source: Etsy
Eric, I just found your cufflinks:

image source: Etsy
And for the lovely bride, a white wedding dress:

image source: Etsy
She won't accept any of these ideas, I know. Damnit.

Well, there's always the bridal shower and bacherolette party!

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  1. This post got me wondering if there was a specific Victorian wedding niche. And check out these: wedding dresses that suggest there is. I think it'd be fun to have a theme wedding, if it was something you were really into.

    An unrelated question I have is whether the Goth movement is related to this Victorian scene you write about? They seem similar in some ways.