Sunday, October 11, 2009

sweetly lull me to sleep

Lazy Sunday. Woke up at 7:30 but wasn't out of bed until 10, then feasted with my roommates on a gloriously unhealthy meal of mostly donuts, with some bananas and milk. Then spent the afternoon working on schoolwork and filling out job applications online.

Job applications are some of the most boring things to fill out. With the advent of online applications I have to copy and paste the info on my resume line by line or type it in by hand. One application took nearly two hours due to this long and arduous process. Only one job site allowed me to directly upload my resume, but then demanded me to type in extra information.

To pass the time I began to listen to music on YouTube, clicking from one video to the next to the next for fun. I was surprised to discover a few delights, in the process, most of them by Abney Park. I'll admit, I hadn't really listened to Abney Park before last week- I knew they were Victorian Industrial or steampunk, but I had never really bothered to get into them. They're really starting to grow on me.

The following song, "Sleep Isabella," is so soothing. Not really an industrial sound in this song, but who cares? I'm certainly no music purist, and I really appreciate bands using different styles in their songs. Like punk-band MCR covering a Rihanna song (okay, not so much like that, but listening to Gerard Way go: "ella, ella, eh eh eh..." is hilarious.)

It sounds like something from an Arabian Nights-type dream or a gypsy dance:

Gotta love the video for the terrific effort in designing the instruments. Seriously, that violin, with the greenish-blue glowing tubes, is totally awesome. Like it's being powered by some sort of Tesla-like invention straight out of "The Prestige." I wonder how they made that intricate microphone. The guitar and the keyboard has a detailed paneling that makes it look like it's made out of brass.

That's real craftsmanship and dedication there. Steampunk enthusiasts are some of the most creative nuts out there. I salute you, Abney Park, for all your efforts- not only in the music, but also in your showmanship.

And for getting me through 3.5 hours of job applications. ;-)

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