Sunday, October 25, 2009

what not to wear

Thanks to Kayla for the heads up on this "What Not to Wear" episode featuring Lexa, a real-life American Lolita. I haven't seen the episode but I saw the episode recap and read a review of the episode with a synopsis. Sounds like the woman was pretty bitchy. Her little girl clothes looked hideous on her. And she thought a certain pair of nice heels with one of her new outfits made her look like a skank or a streetwalker?!

Sorry, the Lolita clothes were more sexually driven in a strange pedophilic fetish way than anything Stacy or Clinton came up with.

Thank God those dresses filled with enough frills, ruffles and lace for 50 French maid outfits were tossed out.

Who can take this look seriously?


  1. ha, I agree with the pedophile thing. And when I posted that youtube vid I scanned a few comments of people being like "omg I can't believe they are making her throw those out, this is a legitimate fashion trend!" Yeah, maybe when you hang out at playgrounds, not offices.

    But on an unrelated side-note, simply because I don't know how else to contact you but on here-- I wanted to make sure you added my email to the mailing list for collision staff, so I can come prepared Tuesday night. Thanks so much.

  2. I linked this post to a friend and at the moment she is actually researching how to make this her Halloween costume.

  3. I don't know about you but I would be grumpy if someone end up dressing me up making me look like a granny. Also the Lolita clothes cost more than normal clothes. That is why the comments were about they can't believe they made her throw out her clothes.

    They have nothing to do with pedos for your information. Pedos see any child as sexual, as a child victim of such things. I tell you right now. They don't care what you wear, they don't care if you are dressed up in baggy jeans and long sleeved t-shirt. They still see you as a sexual object.

    So why don't you stop making such harsh comments about a fashion you know nothing about and stop trying to see through the eyes of a paedophile because you read a book through the eyes of a paedophiles views doesn't make you an expert.

    These is a very insulting entries since you don't really ask enquire about the fashion or even ask any one involved. It is very dis-hearting to say the least.

  4. What the fuck? If you can't take girls who look like the photos you linked seriously then you have some real issues.

    I'm no fucking lolita, and it looks like you are no ordinary bitch as well, so why the fuck do you go outta your way to trash some girls who have a different appreciation of style than you?

    I'm pretty pissed off now because you sound like such a whiny little bitch, but don't go out of your way and actually think about this if it hurts too much.

  5. I was looking through the blog, thought it was cool because I love victorian fasghion, and stuff, but... Then I came across your lolita posts.

    Okay, to start:
    -Lolita isn't sexually driven. AT ALL.
    - Lolita is based off of victorian clothing.

    Isn't this a blog about "...Victorian influences in modern culture via fashion..."
    Why is it you make so many rude posts about lolita?

    Honestly I never thought a blog on victorian fashion would be so closed minded and rude. Seeing as victorian fashion being worn now is just as alternative as lolita.

    This blog isn't what I thought it was, and I will not continue to look through your lolita flame-fest.

  6. You are truly uneducated in this field. Lolita FASHION, it something entirely different than the word Lolita alone. Please delete this post. Your making fun of these people for how they dress, and comparing them to a book when the two actually have nothing in common. If you stop bashing then the Lolita Fashion base will leave you alone, it's as simple as that.

  7. First off, I have to agree with Lolli H.'s comment. Why is someone, who's into alternative fashion, bashing on other people's fashion tastes? How tactless. We're all freaks here, so no one is in any position to insult the other. And I won't even get into how misinformed you are about the fashion. (though from your more recent posts, I'd like to think you've wizened up a bit since this one)

    To be honest, even other lolitas did't think that girl dressed very well.
    WNTW also made her look stupid and bitchy, when in reality, they edited a lot of the show to make her seem that way. (or at least from what I've heard from the actual girl who was on there) They didn't let her get a word in. She didn't even really want to be on that show, but she felt pressured from the people who signed her up for it. She didn't have a lot of money; 5k isn't easy to turn down when you're poor.

    But I can happily say that I hear she's still dresses in lolita and participates in her local community meetups.