Saturday, November 7, 2009

another vsf blog

Many thanks to Mild Colonial Boy, Esq. for directing my attention to another VSF wargaming blog, Victoria's Boys in Red. This site has some great pictures of the contributors' current painting projects, such as British colonials, flying Martians and Frogmen from Venus. The left-hand column of the blog also has some great links to other blogs or websites either related to wargaming or the Victorian Era or both. A sampling of the links:
  • Basement Generals' VSF site- a site filled with pictures of the miniatures used in VSF wargaming and full table-top battles in action.
  • Dirigibles and Dreadnoughts- a blog on airships.
  • Campaigns of General William Augustus Pettigree- a serialized historical fiction novelette in pictures using miniatures to depict the actions of the novelette (in other words, a really long, detailed battle report of a Victorian-Era wargame.)
  • Steam Noir- a site showcasing the Victorian and VSF miniature machine models of William Wardrop. He makes amazingly detailed airships, submarines, rockets and trains.

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  1. Here are also some additional Space : 1889 wargaming Aetheric Logs if you are interested:

    Warlords of Mars

    The Shastapsh Chronicles