Sunday, November 22, 2009

did i mention i hate rats?

While checking out a not-so-recent update from Emilie Autumn's MySpace page (seriously, I am not going to obsessively check on a page that is never updated- thanks EA for making me look silly in the blogosphere!) I found out why I had no idea there was a Pittsburgh tour date for her concert until last week:

Dearest Muffins,

Most you you undoubtedly know that, due to the massive success of the N. American tour dates, a second leg of the tour has been added. We have YOU to thank for this continuation of the adventure, because it is not due to press nor scandal that we have packed venues across N. America, but due entirely to YOUR spreading the Plague. I hope you are as proud of yourselves as I am of you!!
And what to expect from the much anticipated event:
Now, just in case you need it more incentive to come to the greatest show on Earth, here you go:

1. New and thrilling show elements, including still more kissing, fighting (Victorian Jerry Springer), and blasphemy
2. New songs added to the already awesome set list
3. New, never before performed by EA song sung to you LIVE at the VIP sessions
4. Lady's bras (several have been thrown at Veronica on stage every night -- we are not sure why, but the next bra thrown could be YOURS!)
5. New Merch available
6. More glitter

This is indeed a once in a lifetime experience. If you've never been to an Asylum Show before, now is your chance to join the Asylum Army and fight alongside us. If you've been to an Asylum Show before, come again, and help me train our new recruits!

And seriously, Live Rats on stage? Now THAT is rock and roll, motherfuckers...
  1. Bras? Thrown onstage? Don't think my twin sister, the only other Emilie Autumn fan I know, will like that.  Still, if she doesn't find out until she's actually at the concert, she can't object to going...
  2. Rats? RATS?!  I hate rats!  Not that there's a likely chance they'll get anywhere near me, but still... they're RATS!
  3. I have absolutely no glitter in my cosmetics collection.  Any donations would be greatly appreciated.  Either that or I will be forced to break into a 13-year-old girl's bedroom and filch some.  And you don't want me to make a 13-year-old girl cry.  They cry enough as it is over Jacob and Edward from the Twilight series.
  4. The VIP event, as mentioned before, is SOLD OUT!  STOP TEASING ME, EMILIE AUTUMN!
  5. Regarding the blasphemy... I did mention Mr. Small's Theater is actually an out-of-commission church, right?  God, please don't smite us...
FYI: The Bloody Crumpets are the members of EA's band. Veronica is one of the members.  This video may explain why she has bras thrown at her every concert:

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