Monday, November 2, 2009

general miscellany

Considering that I've been up since about 5:30 this morning, have done a ton since then, and will do a good deal more hence, I am currently in no position to spend time writing a long blog post. So I present to you the miscellaneous post: tidbits I have found relating to my blog that don't really deserve a single post all to themselves.

In today's installment of my favorite webcomic, Questionable Content, I came across a mention of steampunk. Jimbo's novel sounds like a mix between Twilight and Waterworld (1995) with some Victorian clothes and British accents thrown in. He's also drawn characters in full-blown Victorian costume before, most notably during bouts of drinking.

Speaking of airships, I just remembered Disney's animated TV series "Talespin" (1990-91) created many memorable villains, including the Air Pirates. Led by the infamous Don Karnage, the Air Pirates try to shoot down or capture cargo planes from their mothership, the Iron Vulture. While the idea of pirates flying the skies instead of sailing around is usually associated with the steampunk genre (The Mysterious Explorations of Jasper Morello, steampunk band Abney Park and even Disney's Victorian criminal Professor Ratigan), Disney managed to take this idea and fit it into the time period of the show, the 1930s or 1940s. By the way, the 2-hour premiere episode of that series, "Plunder and Lightning," is arguably one of the best episodes of any animated series. Ever.

And a few music videos that take place in the Victorian era. The first is Within Temptation's "Frozen." This video has female repression written all over it, as well as the loss of innocence. I am not sure if the father in this video actually molests his daughter, but that sure seems to be what the video implies. Once again, I must ask: why does child molestation seem to fit so well into the Victorian Era? WHAT GIVES? My research for this blog is beginning to give me the idea that either the Victorians were sick pedophiles, or that our modern society somehow thinks that the Victorians were sick pedophiles. I'd blame Lewis Carroll, but that just seems too easy.

The next song is E Nomine's "Mitternacht" ("Midnight.") The video is essentially a story involving a Victorian man who is apparently into curiosities- either studying the natural world (note the plethora of dead scorpions mounted on the wall and stuffed birds in his study), or death and occult-like things (judging from the skull on his desk and his hunt for the female ghost.) The ghost leaves something to be desired, though, as she looks completely fake in a cheesy way.

And, just to solidify my point about pirating pilots:

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