Sunday, November 29, 2009

tymoshenko: the modern victorian politician

I came across these photos of Ukranian prime minister Yulia Tymoshenko purely by accident in an Google image search, and was blown away by this Victorian-inspired outfit she wore in 2005:

image taken from Debutante Clothing
image source: Robot Guy
I did some more image searches on this Ukrainian politician for more recent photos of her fashion choices:

image source: BryanBoy

image source: BryanBoy

 image source: Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project
After much jaw-dropping (and a quick peek out the window for a glimpse of any flying pigs) I have determined the following:
  1. Female politicians don't have to look like men in order to be powerful, and can in fact be quite stylish.
  2. They can choose their own unique style to wear.
  3. Victorian-esque clothes work in politics.
Tymoshenko wears quite a lot of "quirky"  outfits for the political world, albeit usually in traditional colors such as black, gray and white.  Her large brooches match her outfits and still give that idea of strictness to her outfit by closing off the tops of her outfits, while the lace she wears covers her skin and is very sexy at the same time.  Her hairstyle is reportedly inspired by renowned Ukranian writer and political activist Lesya Ukrania, giving a nationalistic aspect to her appearance.  The high collars, form-fitting clothes and somber tones of neo-Victorian fashion, along with Tymoshenko's over-the-head braided hairstyle, creates the impression of a take-charge, no-nonsense, intelligent and put-together woman entirely capable of dealing appropriately with other politicians in the cut-throat world of running countries.

Way to make fashion work for your political aims, Yulia!

By the way, the puffed sleeves in some of her outfits are totally Victorian as well.  I think they were all the rage in the late 1890s:

image source: Thread for Thought

image source: Debutante Clothing


  1. That's awesome.
    Perhaps include a photo or two of a Victorian woman wearing similar clothes for comparison? Par example:
    I only have a vague idea of Victorian culture, so reference photos would be super helpful.

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  4. Where might i buy clothing like that?

  5. I wish I knew. Neo-Victorian clothing doesn't seem to be as readily available as it was when I first posted on Tymoshenko. :(