Wednesday, November 4, 2009

victorian wargaming

Thought I'd post some pictures of my Victorian wargaming minis. These aren't necessarily Victorian Science Fiction, although they could be adapted for that purpose easily.

What would a good Victorian game be without Sherlock Holmes (right) and Dr. John H. Watson (left):

You can't have a great Victorian hero without a villain of equal caliber, such as Holmes' nemesis Professor James Moriarty (right) and his right-hand man, Colonel Sebastian Moran (left):

Don't forget the infamous Jack the Ripper, surrounded by his street-walking victims:

As the Bobbies rush onto the scene:

All figs painted by Pictors Studio, with the exception of the Bobbies, painted by yours truly with some help.

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  1. I like those! I used to paint in high school but have never painted a tiny figure. I can imagine it's a lot more difficult.