Friday, November 6, 2009

vsf blogs

I found an entire blog devoted to the ongoing Victorian Science Fiction wargames of a couple of enthusiasts called VSF and 15 mm Sci-Fi Wargaming. It's quite a detailed blog with three years worth of information, containing maps, pictures of tanks and troops and uniforms for all sorts of nationalities, and photos of the bloggers' ongoing campaigns. It's also labeled and divided up into sections such as: Military History; Mad Scientist and Inventions; and Romp About the Red Planet. I'd check it out if you wanted any information at all on any aspect of VSF wargaming- the site is so comprehensive it probably can answer almost any question or thought you may have on the topic.

Then there's Yours in a White Wine Sauce! It has a more conversational tone than the former blog with less of a focus on wargaming alone. Another detailed blog with blimps and airship photos. The layout of the blog is far from aestetically pleasing, though. It appears that the fellows from the former blog collaborate with the fellows from the latter one.