Wednesday, December 23, 2009

body piercing victorian style

I stumbled across a type of body piercing I have never seen before, and hope to never see with the naked eye--the corset piercing.  It's so named because it emulates the look of a corset:

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As you may be able to see, the piercing involves two rows of symmetrical ring piercings that are laced through with ribbon.  These piercings have been done on parts of the body such as the back, the side of the torso, the leg, and even on the arm.

Before anyone starts to wonder how anyone could possibly bear with so many piercings in one area for their life, keep in mind that the piercings are usually not permanent, as this article by Lori Wilkerson says:

The corset piercing is most popular for performance art and fetish events, and is almost always removed immediately afterward. They usually can’t heal properly because they are a surface piercing in an area prone to rejection and they use a type of jewelry that isn’t really suitable for permanent use in the area.
According to this site, leaving these temporary piercings in longer than a few days can cause infection or permanent scarring.  If you want to make the piercings themselves permanent, however, you're supposed to get them done with surface bars.

But why would you want to have these piercings permanently?  Look how red the skin is around these piercing:

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And how taut the skin has been pulled in this photo:

image source: Dissociated Press
Not for me.  It took me 18 years to seriously consider getting my earlobes pierced.  Getting ten, or even four piercings so I can loop ribbon though them like a corset, sounds more painful than beautiful.


  1. Yep, they're temporary or "play" piercings. Anything surface-to-surface will pretty much heal themselves out eventually, even with barbells instead of the rings.

    I refuse to put up with any sort of pain unless the results are permanent, so all my piercings have been in for years.

    These look dramatic, but I'd much rather wear a real corset!

  2. I'm with you on that "pain" sensitivity.

    Do you know what sort of "play" these piercings are used for? My friend Scott was intertrepting the "fetish" events in my post as concerts and film fests. I was thinking more fashion shows.

  3. i have a corset piercing
    sinds 15-01-2010
    and i love it

  4. i dis agre i love this and id love to peirce ittt

  5. i think its stupid if its temporary cause you have to deal with all those holes and it could get infected and why get it if its only for a couple days ? that just doesnt make sence to me ... dont get me wrong some of the pictures are cute but its still stupid to have to sit there get all those rings in u and then take them in a a couple days before you scars ....just doesnt seem fun to me