Saturday, December 5, 2009

ea concert pictures

I thought I'd post some pictures for your enjoyment on this lazy Saturday.  First, my costume.  I used the same corset from Halloween, but added a plum colored mini skirt, white stockings and brown heels.  I ripped some holes in the stockings, and threaded a large gold ribbon in the holes near my left thigh.  I also used a piece of spare material from the corset to make a glove of sorts for my right hand.  I put gold beads and roses on it for decoration:

For hair I just curled it with hot curlers, threw it up high on my head and held it in place with a claw, to make a messy updo.  I left a small section of hair down the back to hang there decoratively.  Then I put gold roses in my hair, to match my corset. To finish it off I hung a long piece of gold ribbon from the claw, to hang down decoratively:

Leigh's costume was a blue corset top from Charlotte Russe.  She put a lacy, see-through top, also from Charlotte Russe, beneath the corset top.  She also wore a blue jean mini skirt and brown riding boots.  She added white lace gloves and a wire headband decorated in crystals from Claire's, drop earrings and a choker she made out of a piece of lace and a sewn-on heart pendant:

The stage before the start of the show, decorated with the clock-like shadow screen and covered with crazy knickknacks, a teapot, biscuits, a mini piano, books, teddy bears given to Emilie by fans, and her keyboard (that red-covered thing on the left):

Emilie Autumn out on stage:

Captain Maggot, Lady Aprella and Naughty Veronica take tea:

Emilie Autumn (on a wheelchair) and her Bloody Crumpets:

Naughty Veronica seduces the crowd with a feather fan dance:

I just love this picture, EA looks so annoyed:

Captain Maggot on stilts pulling a red ribbon from Lady Aprella's mouth while she balances precariously on pointe shoes and canes:

EA looks like she's trying to get away from paparazzi here.  I love this costume:

EA was very possessive of that spoon, for some reason Leigh and I are still trying to figure out.  It's probably not worth figuring out- she is in an insane asylum for Wayward Victorian Girls, after all:


  1. casts envious glances at EA concert pics

    Of course the lovely Miss Autumn and her merry band will be bypassing Virginia altogether. Curses.

  2. Hola, Lauren! I luuurrrve your blog. And, yes, I totally did just make a blogspot so I could comment on your entry. <3


    PS: If you have a facebook, add me! I'm Kamy XD (I have a weird thing about giving away my last name over facebook--my friends make fun of me for it all the time).

  3. Just added you, Kamy. I'm so excited you like the blog and you contacted me! :)