Thursday, December 3, 2009

emilie autumn concert tonight!

image source: Ad Mortem Festinamus
The tickets were purchased online weeks ago.  Over the past week I have put together my outfit: the corset, the skirt, the stockings, ribbons, planned out hair and makeup and accessories, gotten batteries for my camera, and laid all of this stuff out for me to throw on after I rush home from my late afternoon Ottoman Empire class.  I even printed out MapQuest directions to Mr. Smalls Theater in Millvale, even though it's literally 2.7 miles from my house... seriously, we could probably just walk there. 

The day is here.  Leigh and I are prepped and ready to break out into the madness of Emilie Autumn's Asylum tonight.

(*jumps up and down screaming, waking an irate roommate/relative*)

We'll make sure to avoid any flying bras and rats, though.

Photos to come with tomorrow's post, especially of our burlesque Victorian garb.

As for my new blogging class readers, this post and this post should explain why Emilie Autumn is relevant to this blog.

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