Friday, December 18, 2009

finals done!

I think someone should make it a policy that any class discussion cannot take place unless the participants are slightly intoxicated.  Considering that my one instructor forced us to come to class during finals week to participate in a class discussion that could have taken place last week, the wine one student brought made for a quite interesting time. There certainly was much more input on Dexter Filkin's The Forever War than there normally would have been.

You are now reading the blog of a college graduate.  w00t! I just turned in my final assignment at 6 p.m. this evening, a 14-page article on college students and depression.  Finally! I am about ready to crash as I am absolutely exhausted.  I've slept little this past week.

In celebration for finishing my final exam, and because I am not thinking coherently at the moment, I leave you with these words of wisdom:

image source: zabean's account at Zazzle

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