Wednesday, December 2, 2009

neo-victorian clothing

For AnnaNigma and the sake of the new bloggers looking at my site who have no idea what I am talking about when I refer to Victorian clothing styles.

Neo-Victorian clothes can be anything from ruffled blouses, puffed sleeves, bustle skirts, hanging pocketwatches, lockets, cameo necklaces and brooches, corsets, and a variety of fashion trends such as goth, steampunk and Lolita.  Lace is a commonly used material for women's clothing, while men's clothing tends to use more accessories such as bowler hats and canes and the like.

For ruffled and plain Victorian blouses, compare today's available fashions...
image source: Fashion Me Fabulous
image source: Fashionable Etsy the fashions of Victorian women, as shown in "Portrait of a Victorian Woman in White" by William de Leftwich Dodge, 1891:
image source: Thread for Thought
Fashions were very strict, often somewhat form-fitting but also neat and not meant to show a lot of skin.

Corsets were Victorian undergarments...

image source: tumblr
image source: All Posters
...but have become sexy outergarments today, such as Rihanna's corset top...
image source: Fashionista
...or Emilie Autumn's stage outfits.
image source: The Accidental Blowjob
As for the goth scene, look how close this modern gothic outfit is to a 19th century woman's:
image source: GuitarSae666 Photobucket account
image source: Victoriana Lady
For men it's harder to pick out the styles in more everyday wear, but either look at the article by Mike Albo in December's GQ (which I talk about in this post) or check out these examples:

Robert Downey Jr., wearing a waistcoat with his suit on the cover of November's Esquire and in his new Sherlock Holmes movie:

image sources:  Unbiased Writer; Access Hollywood
image sources:  Unbiased Writer; Access Hollywood
Then there's the mustache, which GQ not only cites as a current men's fashion, but this website declares was a huge Victorian trend.  And this website claims is a huge Hollywood trend now, although the mustaches that seem to be popular now hearken more to the '70s.  But compare:
image source: Mustaches of the Nineteenth Century
image source: Jaunted

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