Friday, January 22, 2010

telegraphing all writers

For writers interested in writing steampunk stories, Steampunk Quarterly is looking for your work to put in their first issue in February or March:

Additional information from their website:
Steampunk Quarterly is planned to be a regular anthology of exciting, interesting and generally entertaining short stories from a number of different writers to be published four times a year, starting in February of March of 2010. We will mainly release new issues as PDF online, but there will also be a small edition in print form that we want to distribute via mail.

To attract interested writers we made an announcement to send us stories, preferably between 7,000 and 9,000 words long. We will consider every submission and reward each story we choose to include in the first issue with 50$. Some people took umbrage to this amount, arguing that it is far less than the usual price for a story of this length. The point here is that the 50$ are not to be seen as a purchasing price for the story, but as a fee we pay to publish it in „Steampunk Quarterly“. All rights for the story and the characters will remain with the writer and he is, of course, free to publish it elsewhere as he sees fit.

This project is a private endeavour by steampunk fans to further this great genre, give a (small) incentive to writers and, most of all, spread the word. We provide all funds for SQ out of our own pockets and don‘t plan on making a profit whatsoever. On the contrary, we stand to lose money with every sold issue. This is only of small price we are willing to pay for giving a way for other steampunk fans like us to find new and entertaining stories about airship pirates and victorian inventors.

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