Tuesday, January 5, 2010

the new and the newer

My updating has been rather lax over finals week and the holidays, but it was a much-needed break.  That was the first break from schoolwork since last Christmas, and I was cracking.  I even spent my past summer vacation at the beach working on a research paper.

After some deliberation, I've decided to go back to updating once a day, as I did before the Emilie Autumn concert.  My reasons?
  • I am still jobless, but I am attending job fairs and putting resumes and cover letters out like crazy.  In order to ensure that I don't get lazy in this interim period between taking classes and actually going to work, I want to spend a lot of time writing as well.  This blog is a perfect outlet for that.
  • It also keeps me on a stable schedule.
  • I love this blog.
  • I have a thousand new ideas for this blog, some of them involving posts of a more journalistic nature.  I just bought a digital voice recorder to replace the lame tape recorder I had been using for the past year and a half.  So I may experiment with directly uploading blog-related interviews for your listening pleasure.
So what's new in the neo-Victorian world?

Yesterday the final installment of Chapter One of the steampunk Riese series was released on YouTube.  I'm a little more impressed, but my first assessment of the series remains the same.  There is too much unexplained, not only in the way of a storyline, but also in the way of the world in which Riese lives.  The series makers are gradually explaining who Riese is.  That's fine, there are plenty of stories out there that divulge information at that same slow pace to great effect.  I'd still like to understand the Sect and the society in Riese from what I actually see, though, not the additional supplemental information provided on associated websites.  I love researching connections and more information about topics myself, but I think it's just a little too much research for the average viewer.

image source: tubefiulter

I'm also not sure what was settled in Chapter One, other than establishing that Riese is being hunted and she is a threat to the empress's power in more ways than just being a rebel.   Once again, there is a severe lack of a clear storyline here that is getting in the way of my viewing pleasure.

Then there's Emilie Autumn's The Asylum for Wayward Victorian Girls, which I am currently too broke to buy!  It's only being sold online at The Omega Order.  I could get the book for $50 there, or an entire gift set for $30 more that includes a t-shirt, tote bag, the "Opheliac- The Deluxe Edition" CD (includes extra tracks such as "Gloomy Sunday" and Asleep," as well as the intro to the entire concert experience), and a recipe book.  It's hard to justify purchasing just the book alone when you can get so many goodies for only $30 more, but it's just as frustrating trying to rationalize buying a deluxe edition of a CD I already have, a tote bag I'd never use, and a recipe book with only two recipes. 

Although baking those muffins would be a good excuse to have a tea party....

Okay, I just want the book!  I have heard nothing but good reviews about it so far, but that's mostly from her fanbase, and fans can be fanatical about even "bad" products if it carries the brand they love.  Unfortunately, I am not enough of an Emilie Autumn fan to forgo most of my meals for three weeks just to save up money to purchase the $80 gift set.


Maybe when I get a career-type job.

 For your listening pleasure, Emilie Autumn sings "Gloomy Sunday."  Originally composed by a Hungarian in the 1930s, it was translated into English in the same decade and has sprung an urban legend that hundreds, if not thousands, of people have committed suicide to it.  Not a Victorian song, but it certainly fits the"crazy Victorian girl" persona that EA emulates:


  1. Hey Lauren!

    Just saw a link to this on the kottke blog & thought I'd pass it along :-)

    Victorian infographics: http://bibliodyssey.blogspot.com/2009/12/victorian-infographics.html

  2. Thanks so much Anna! I'll definitely check those images out!