Thursday, January 21, 2010

steampunk gameboy

Barbara, thank you so much for bringing this new take on an old classic--a steampunked-out Game Boy made by Thretis.

Here's this 1989 GameBoy in action, so to speak:

I think I would rather see a game being played on this, but I think that that would have caused some motion sickness due to the way it was filmed.  Besides, it probably would not have been easy to see.

This is just one of many gadgets that can be changed to look rusted and industrial in a 19th century way.  Check out these two USB devices:
[image source: iTech News Net
image source: Gadget Venue
image source: Geeky Gadgets
And these steampunk computer mouses (or is it "mice?")

image source: Geekologie
image source: Boing Boing
And steampunk headphones.

image source: Gadget Venue
I could totally make some of these pieces. *evil grin*

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