Sunday, January 10, 2010

"a sudden snowstorm blankets all the countryside"

For Pittsburgh to get hit with snow is no unusual occurrence.

For it to stay more than a day is less common.

For the snow to pile up to half a foot or more over the period of a week is rarer than good champagne.  There is so much snow on my parents' back porch that you can't even tell that the three snow mounds out there cover a table, a chest, and a rocking chair respectively, and we had to make paths in the backyard so the family dog (a golden retriever) could actually walk out into the snow and do her business, it was hitting her so high.

And yes folks, there is snow in Florida.

Reminds me of the song "1816, the year without a summer," by Victorianindustrial band Rasputina:

I looked it up.  There definitely was a Year without a Summer in 1816.  What do you know.

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