Wednesday, February 24, 2010

ankle boots

I apologize to the Clockwork Quartet and my eight Elegant Gothic Lolitas for not yet posting the articles that I interviewed them for. The delay is mainly due to the fact that I hold three part-time jobs at the moment which take priority. I'm a barista, a retail sales associate, and a freelance writer, jobs that take anywhere from 44-56 hours a week away from me.  The articles are partially done; I will have them completed as soon as I can.

Now on to the topic of this post- shoes.  Specifically ankle boots:

image source:

While trying to find a suitable pair of ballet flats to replace the ballet flats that I have worn into near disintegration, a few of last season's ankle boots caught my eye in the sale section of the local DSW, much like the image below: 
image source:

 It came to me that ankle boots appear to be trรจs victorienne, but I could not figure out why. Until I saw this picture:
image source: Polydore

And this one at an online costume store:
image source:
 As one Lolita I interviewed said, fashions tend to repeat themselves.  Here's proof in footwear at least. 

I almost even bought a black and gray pair that looked terrific with my dark skinny jeans and black boyfriend jacket.  But I could not justify buying a pair of shoes when I actually didn't need them and am saving up all the money I can to pay back bills and the other fun things that come along when you're thrust into the real world.


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