Friday, February 12, 2010

the crazies, both modern and fictional

There has been a flurry of writing activity going on in the past week or so with yours truly, despite the nearly two feet of snow outside.  I have two articles coming up for the readers in the next couple of weeks.  I hoped to get them out earlier, but I have more pressing pieces with actual deadlines for The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review that take precedence over a blog that I do in what little spare time I have.  My article (yes, this is a shameless plug) did come out yesterday, but it took me until nearly 5 in the evening to receive a copy, thanks to the failure of the news trucks to deliver since the nor'easter set in one week ago.

image source: kaboodle
In relevant neo-Victorian news, last Friday a friend thoughtfully gifted me with a truly wonderful present: a copy of Emilie Autumn's The Asylum For Wayward Victorian Girls.  After looking through it, it's no longer an amazement that the book is $50- it's over 200 glossy pages filled not only with the stories, true and fictional, that EA committed to paper, but also a plethora of photos, drawings of rats and leeches, detailed advertisements for corsets, leeches, and lithium, and a heavy-duty hardbound cover that gives the book the heft of a textbook more so than anything else.  Aesthetically, it's a masterpiece. 

The text itself I will reserve for further comment at a later time, when I have finished reading it and fully absorbed my thoughts.  If you don't like blatantly depressing tales told candidly, this isn't the book for you.  It's pretty intense.

And here's a short blurb from This is Nottingham on Emilie Autumn, her music, her glam rock/goth show, and her struggles with bipolar disorder.

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