Wednesday, February 10, 2010

queen victoria has an iphone

I know, it's been nearly a week since my last update.  I wish I could blame it on this continuous blizzard that has blown through Pittsburgh and the entire northeastern part of the U.S. Actually, I can, as it has been messing with my internet connection.  But I also blame it on my part time jobs, which have worked me pretty much nonstop for the past five days.  The good news is I will have a story published in tomorrow's Neighborhoods sections of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review to show for some of that work.

I am too tired to write out a more detailed blog post, but I will send the link to a rather singular daily web comic called the New Adventures of Queen Victoria.  It's essentially a four-panel comic (with exceptions) made from photos of the English monarch who defined the Victorian Era, but throws any sort of historical accuracy in our faces.  From the website:

About New Adventures of Queen Victoria

Join HRH Queen Victoria as she daily levels her regal gaze upon the fools and tomfoolery of our time. Along with her classically-rendered co-characters Prince Albert, Anne Boleyn, George III (aka “Grandpa”), Mrs. Clipart and Maurice, Queen V grapples daily with the strange state of our affairs, whether it be resisting a vicious comic strip jihad, surviving a visitation by Howard Stern, or hosting a special edition of “Victorian Idol”. Never has a sovereign quoted the Marx Brothers with more aplomb, paid such heed to the fate of the lite-brite, or dared to go where a comic strip has never gone before: shopping for a Wii. Join the Great Lady as she dares to do battle with Oliver Cromwell and James Cameron, and rules with a steady hand over people who can’t tell the difference between the Virgin Mary and Mary Worth. “Curse you, historical accuracy!”
From what I have read of it so far, the punchlines are not often that funny, and the reader usually has to know previous comics to understand the next day's.  However, the fact that today's comic has Queen Vickie "conquering" India via a Four Square app is pretty entertaining.  There seems to be other little funny applications of modern life, as experienced by Her Majesty, in this comic.

It's worth a look-see at least for creativity of concept, if not total entertainment in the execution.

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  1. Lauren,
    Enjoyed reading the have a fun way of writing, full of humor...and you pay attention to details...
    I can see you, though, moving on from this victorian era stuff...