Saturday, March 20, 2010

poto parody

Here's a gem I watched several years ago, and had to watch again-- a parody of that movie based off of the infamous musical by Andrew Lloyd Webber, The Phantom of the Opera:


I unashamedly admit that I was a total Phantom Phangirl back in my wayward adolescence.  It is a gothic Victorian-era musical that fit the hopeless romantic mindset I had back when I was 13.  But now I have to wonder what I was thinking.  Sure, the Phantom is sexy, but he's also a psychopathic murderous stalker.  Erm... what's the draw?

As, I am sure, many current Twilight fans will probably be wondering in a few years about their obsession.

The above clip (which is actually 33 minutes, not the advertised 15) parodies the things that just don't make sense, as well as the silly love story surrounding the creeper who secretly watches a young girl from behind a mirror and then proceeds to single-handedly kill people to improve her career, and then to destroy it.  It's not always easy to understand what the dubbed-over voices are saying, and it takes a while to get really funny, but there are some real humorous nuggets.

Such as the following:
Phantom:  Welcome to my lair. Let me show you around....
Christine:  Wow!
Phantom: [image of the wall filled with sketches of Christine] My wall of crazy!
Christine:  [sounding impressed] Ooooooh!
Phantom:  My terrifying detailed Opera House diorama, and voodoo dolls!
Christine:  I like the colors!

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