Sunday, May 30, 2010

am i just imagining the victoriana?

So the single for We Are The Fallen's debut album has been out longer than there even has been a debut album.  A music video came out two months ago.  It took until last night for me to watch it.

Am I just seeing Victoriana in everything, or is the entire story of the video based in a Victorian-inspired setting?

The "corpse's" burial garments appear to be a Victorian wedding dress:
 image source: The Audio Perv
The women mourners and the corpse wear and there a plethora of lace (popular in the Victorian era), and, strangely enough, what appear to be Catholic prayer veils:
  image source: The Audio Perv
 The men wear black suits with big bows that certainly don't look like they belong to any period later than the 1890s:
 image source: Wikipedia
I think the tell-tale sign for me that there was a Victorian influence was the band members' clothes.  Carly Smithson's poofy dress, for one:
 image source: Idolator
And the steampunk-inspired cogs on Ben Moody's vest.  There is no photo of that, but check out his close-up of said vest when Moody is discussing the music video in the the behind-the-scenes video:

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  1. Ok... very Victorian and... wow... I am most impressed.