Tuesday, June 22, 2010

jonah hexed?

Apparently the much-touted movie about Victorian-era comic book character Jonah Hex was totally served by such summer "blockbusters" as Toy Story 3, according to critic Reuben Pereira of the Ft. Lauderdale Movie Examiner:
As disappointing as both “Prince of Persia” and “The A-Team” have been, at least they didn’t crash and burn as spectacularly as the universally trashed comic book western “Jonah Hex” which opened disastrously in seventh place with an atrocious $5.4 million. Bad reviews, terrible buzz, on-set catastrophes including multiple writers, directors, budget cuts and script doctoring only amplified the problems faced by the Warner Brothers marketing department when promoting this bile.
 Watching the trailer, I am not surprised.  It doesn't look to be that interesting, that well-acted, or that unique.  Just a lot of action with no substance:
I would like to see it myself before totally kiboshing it, but sitting through over two hours of watching Megan Fox butcher her way through trying to make a terrible Western accent sexy would not be worth the time or the money.

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