Wednesday, July 7, 2010

clockwork couture not so cheap?

Based on my post from Monday, sydneysomething responded to tell me that Clockwork Couture was not as cheap as I praised it for being.  Apparently a lot of their clothes can be found at Fanplusfriend, a site that sells Gothic Lolita and cosplay items for reasonable prices.

While I couldn't find any duplicates of items that Clockwork Couture sells, I did find a ton of affordable Lolita gear.  One Lolita I spoke with back in March said that some Lolita outfits can be in the hundreds of dollars.  While many of the dresses in Fanplusfriend were over $100 (but on the lower side of $100), there was quite a selection that was under $100, such as this dress (only $40!):
image source: Fanplusfriend
Thanks to sydneysomething for pointing out a new source of neo-Victorian fashion and suggesting I look for cheaper items on other sites than Clockwork Couture.  Some research will be necessary.

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