Friday, July 16, 2010

limited edition female miniature in steampunk style

Dark Sword Miniatures is selling a special edition miniature of talented painter Jen Haley of Paintrix Miniatures.  Sculpted by Tom Meier, this gaming miniature will be in a steampunk style.

image source: Dark Sword Miniatures
As Dark Sword Miniatures writes:
Jen was very involved in the concept phase of this design as she wanted to be a SteamPunk character. The results speak for themselves and I think many folks will have fun painting this piece up. The detailing on her hair, bodice and dress are just amazing.
If you've ever seen any female wargaming miniatures, most tend to look like apes with breasts. This miniature is truly a work of art, capturing the mechanics of her weaponry, Victorian-esque clothing, and smooth and feminine contours of her face almost perfectly.
The proceeds from the sale of the miniature will go to defraying Ms. Haley's costs to attend an international painting competition in 2011.

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