Sunday, July 25, 2010

new album!!!!!

I should have joined The Asylum for Wayward Victorian Girls mailing list eons ago.  This message was waiting for me in my inbox this morning:
Just a little note from me, EA, to all my Plague Rats out there:

This Fall 2010 N. American tour is a very special tour indeed, as well as an extremely emotional one. The reason for this is that the next time my Bloody Crumpets and I stand on a stage before you, it will be in celebration of an entirely new album (the title of which I believe most of you have already figured out;). This is exciting, of course, but it also means that this Fall tour is the very last N. American tour ever that will be based on the music from "Opheliac," a work I still consider totally relevant, and which I could sing with you forever and never, ever tire of, because it is my soul, and my story. However, there is so much more to the story than that, and we must all march forth into the darkness, and be brave little Muffins. During the last three years, you, my Plague Rats, my Asylum Army, my Inmates, and I have been collecting, honing, and sharpening the tools necessary to climb to the next level of existence within the Asylum. There are dark times ahead, but we are ready.


New albums from favorite musicians of mine have greatly disappointed me in the past (*cough*Evanescence*cough*).  At the same time, those musicians usually suffered significant changes in the band's line-up or some other problem that either made the quality of the music go down or alter the genre of music the band had played when I fell in love with them.  From what I hear, Emilie Autumn is a control freak to the point where her music and her stage show is purely hers, and no one else's.  Unless she suffered a drastic change in musical leanings or got lazy with writing and compiling the songs (the latter of which I doubt she is capable of doing), I think the new album will be a truly great addition to the Victorianindustrial genre. 

Recalling my first attempts at listening to Emilie Autumn, however, it may take me a few weeks to actually like the album.  Although several of the songs on Opheliac were instant favorites, the majority of the album had to grow on me over time.  But who knows?  Perhaps the adjustment took so long because the music was so drastically different from anything else I had listened to previously.

Now I must ponder the meaning of the rest of EA's message:
P.S. Did I mention that this tour will be like none before, and will feature something unimaginably new? If you think you've seen it all, you have no idea...

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