Thursday, July 22, 2010

new look?

As you can see, Unlacing the Victorians has a new look.  I was fooling around with Blogger templates this evening and came up with this design and color scheme.  I was trying to go for a more girly "Victorian" look.  I'm not sure how crazy I am about it, especially the color scheme I chose--I'm definitely no graphic designer, and usually I latch on better to simpler designs, something the Victorians were not well known for.   But the old template has a lot of limitations, including narrow posting columns that would force me to reformat the width of YouTube videos, and the inability to add blog posts directly to Twitter or Facebook if readers so chose.

I'll test the new design out for a few days and see how it works, both practically and aesthetically.  Let me know what you think- if you love it, hate it, or have some suggestions.

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