Monday, August 2, 2010

three in one deal

I came across three things relevant either to this blog or to my own person interests:

An animation by Edward Gorey for the introduction to PBS's Mystery! series; followed by an introduction by Vincent Price, the particular host of this particular film in the series; that film being "A Scandal in Bohemia," a Sherlock Holmes mystery.

Gorey's images don't look very Victorian- actually, most of the female characters wear dress that looks like it's more from the 1920s- but he has that nice, gothic, macabre connection to the late 19th century through default of most of his other illustrations, some of which I pointed out in a previous post.

So Vincent Price isn't quite neo-Victorian, but he did voice the great Professor Ratigan in The Great Mouse Detective, a take on Sherlock Holmes if he was in the mouse world.   And he talks a good deal about Sherlock Holmes, especially as a Victorian character.


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