Thursday, September 2, 2010

ea concert postponed

What a sad discovery I made this morning while checking The Asylum for Wayward Victorian Girls website:
My Dearest Plague Rats,

It is with a sad and heavy heart that I announce to you that I must postpone the Fall N. American tour dates until January, 2011.

Instead of singing my little heart out with all of you and throwing cups of tea where they don't belong, I will be recovering from some very unpleasant surgery on my jaw. (Yep, the very same jaw I employ in the tasks of holding a violin and singing with...why couldn't it be a foot or something I don't really need?) Without going into gory detail, this is a surgery that I have been needing to have for several years, and only now that my jaw has threatened complete dislocation am I actually forced to attend to it. The truth is that, not only am I unable to entirely open my mouth at the moment (a blessing to many), I have been advised by my doctor (you know how much I love those) that, if I do not have this surgey immediately, serious and irreversible damage will undoubtedly occur. Thus, I will go under the knife within mere days, and will be in recovery for several weeks after, but, during that time, will be rescheduling all N. American dates for January, AND adding even more cities to the tour!

For Plague Rats who would prefer refunds for their tickets instead of waiting for the rescheduled dates, please contact the site/venue you bought your tickets from and let them know. For those of you who are willing to wait just a few months more, I can promise you a night worth waiting for, including new songs we have never, ever before performed live (eeek!!).

Please keep an eye on this page for more details regarding what to do with your tickets, as well as the newly scheduled tour dates. This will be a busy week of updates in the Asylum, so please keep checking back. VIP tickets will be honored of course, as will all tickets already purchased.

Now, for some must needed good news! Some of you may have already noticed that dates for "The Asylum Tour: The Door, S. America 2010" have been released. These shows will not be affected as I should be fine and dandy by November (and thank goodness for this as my Crumpets and I have been absolutely dying to get to your homeland for years now, and this S. American tour is a dream come true for us).

Plague Rats, fellow soldiers in the Asylum Army, and beautiful creatures I adore singing with, I offer my most sincere apologies, and all I can say to you is that I am filled with never-ending gratitude for your understanding, support, and friendship during what I admit is a rather frightening time (getting one's face cut into, while very Asylum-esque, is not nearly as much fun as it sounds).

With love from the Asylum for Wayward Victorian Girls,

Inmate W14A Cell Block B, Emilie Autumn
I texted Jordan the bad news while she was at school.  Her response?

Wtf! omg you ruined my day i hate my life really bad

I mourned by getting 10 inches of hair chopped off.  Well, I had planned on cutting the hair back when I had planned out my suicide a few weeks ago with the intention of donating it to Locks of Love, as I reasoned that at least it would do someone who needed it some good. I didn't do it until now in an attempt to prevent myself from the heinous act I so badly wanted to do.  Now that I have had some support from friends and some distance from that bad time (although I am still far from being safe from my own mind), I could cut the hair without thinking that something macabre would follow.

Then I tried on my Asylum outfit for kicks:

It will sadly have to remain in the closet until the new Pittsburgh concert date is set in January.  That will give me enough time to decorate a teacup a la gothic Victoriana for the VIP experience, and make EA a gift that I think she would appreciate.

Recover quickly, Emilie!

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