Wednesday, September 22, 2010

this definitely wasn't around when I first started blogging...

I must have been in my own little world for the past several months.  I happened to get onto a discussion about steampunk with someone at Jitters' Cafe the other night.  He told me he ran across three steampunkers in Lawrenceville one day.  They were telling him all about it.

Erm, what?!

So I did a quick Google search using key words that I last used during the months I wrote this blog for a grade: "steampunk" "pittsburgh."

And I came across the first attempt at organizing steampunk events in the 'burgh that I had yet seen: The Greater Pittsburgh Steam Society.  It appears to be a fledgling group, but they certainly keep people up-to-date on local events related to the interests of the group.  I must find out more, if anyone will talk to me.

There also appears to be a Facebook group looking to get a steampunk convention in the 'burgh.  Their efforts should be lauded- Pittsburgh is the heart of American industrialization, after all.  The city's heyday was when the likes of Andrew Carnegie and Henry Clay Frick were running things in the 19th century, not today with its current reputation as a city that likes to start riots (Super Bowl LXIII and the G-20 summit).  Not that we can't rise above that reputation...


  1. So I just happen to run across your We are the Fallen posting from a victorian/steam punk search and started to dig around.

    It seems to me, that Victorian culture is very much alive today in both an active level, Ala those who do steam punk or maintain attitudes of said period or in a more subliminal way via influences in sub culture and counter cultures..

    Regardless, I enjoy aspects of Victorian culture and am, along with my group, steam punk junkies.

    As for your blogs... well done.


  2. I wonder if the convention would be looking for any steam punk gaming? I certainly could throw some VSF stuff out there on not much notice.

  3. Perhaps they could introduce some racing to the burgh: