Tuesday, October 26, 2010

dystopian wars soon to be released

Thanks to Scott for directing my attention to The Miniatures Page for the following announcement:
Wayland Games are pleased to announce that we are already taking pre-orders on Dystopian Wars - the amazing new Steampunk-era wargame by Spartan Games...

Set in 1870, the game focuses on some very familiar, but very different takes on the great powers of the nineteenth century - from the Kingdom of Britannia, to the Federated States of America. And the struggle for world dominance is underway, as the great nations use all of the technological wonders at their disposal - from land battleships to steam tanks, to zeppelin aircraft carriers and giant spider walkers - in order to get their way! With stunningly good-looking models, and a set of rules that lives up to the pedigree of its forbears, Dystopian Wars looks like being one heck of a Victorian era to fight through!
Looks like a promising VSF game.  Battles by sea and sky with naval or airship fleets, air pirates, and ground warfare pack this game full of action, at least by the descriptions.

image source: Spartan Games
Pre-orders of this new VSF wargame can be done at Spartan Games and Wayland Games.

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