Monday, October 18, 2010

knights really just blow off steam

I have finally moved everything into my new apartment, and mopped and vacuumed and scrubbed every single surface until my fingers bled.  The transition into my new job has been awkward, to say the least.  I spent the first three hours of the job just sitting around, waiting for direction from my boss.

So I decided to check Facebook for some photos that my twin sister Leigh promised I would enjoy from her recent trip to the Carolina Renaissance Festival in Charlotte, NC.  She had posted them on Saturday, but I don't have internet access at my apartment yet, and the state computers at Bushy Run have blocked Facebook as of late.  Fortunately my new job doesn't worry about silly things like distractions from productivity via the web.

The Carolina Renaissance Festival looks a lot better than the Greater Pittsburgh Renaissance Festival.  That's actually saying a lot, because the Greater Pittsburgh Renaissance Faire is an excellent attraction.  But besides having better seating for the jousting, and belly dancing and what look to be (from Leigh's photos) better medieval buildings, it had something this weekend that has become very dear to my heart indeed.  

Leigh, I love you for posting the photos, but I hate you for experiencing sci-fi and fantasy weekend at this Renaissance Faire without me, especially due to the presence of...


Such as these three lovely fashionistas with the simpler steampunk gear than the three steampunkers pictured above.  The young woman in the middle told Leigh that she had thrown her get-up together at the last minute.  I would have never known- it looks great to me!

The woman on the right, however, got elaborate with her outfit.  Take a look at her ray gun.  It's powered by...

A hamster.  Yes.  That image made my day.

Steampunk merchandise was also offered for sale.  The following photos are of steampunk items made by Silver Leaf Costume:

Leigh was probably tempted to buy these corsets.  I know I certainly am:

Someone please explain to me why I haven't seen any steampunk people in person here in the industrial North, and yet my sister gets to experience several neo-Victorian and steampunk-related things in the more rural South.

Leigh, why do you get to have all of the fun?!

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