Monday, October 4, 2010

steampunk superheroes

Check out these 19th century takes on Wolverine and... others. 

image source: The Geek Twins blog

Update 10/5/10:  According to my sister Leigh and my friend Scott, who know way more about the X-Men than I could ever hope to (having never seen the movies, read the comics, or been obsessed with Hugh Jackman as my sister is), they have made the following guesses as to the others' identities:

  • The guy in the wheelchair is Professor Xavier (followed by my sister's claims that I am pathetic for not knowing that).
  • The guy in the trench coat is Gambit.
  • The lady in the green corset is probably Rogue or Jean Gray.

Gah. Wolverine and Storm are the only ones I am familiar with, name-wise, and Wolverine's the only one I can readily identify in a line-up.

The image is copyrighted, so click on this link.

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