Monday, December 13, 2010

neo-victorian ringtones

Six months ago my Motorola phone's durability was tested by a careless friend who tried to open the keypad beneath the touchscreen  the wrong way, disconnecting a corner of the screen in the process.  Although the phone itself continued to work, I knew that the touchpad would eventually come off of the keyboard. 

Yesterday evening, as I was busily texting away to my twin sister about her future plans to visit me while walking back from a church in Shadyside, I dropped my cell phone. The fall that it received yesterday proved to be fatal.  The screen was completely severed from the keypad.

I immediately began to panic.  Not because my conversation had been interrupted, or I wouldn't be able to text my friends for a few days, but because my boss is currently in India, and has been calling or texting me every single day for nearly two weeks to give me instructions on running his businesses until he comes back.  He has no other way of contacting me except email, and I am pretty sure he is not checking it-- not only does he have yet to answer one email that I've sent him since I started working for him, but many of his calls have been to ask me to read and write his emails for him.

Despite a rather windy snowstorm that set in last night and has continued all day, I managed to make it to the cell phone store early this morning.  Within half an hour I had my new phone, an LG COSMO Touch.  I don't require much for a phone- just calling and texting capabilities.  After receiving my orders from my boss and completing my tasks, I sat down to fully program the phone.

I am amazed by the variety of music that is now available for purchase- bands like Within Temptation and Rasputina, Broadway songs, and the like.  Even relatively new band We Are the Fallen had all of their tracks available for purchase for the ringtones.  None of these bands' songs were available as ringtones as recently as two years ago And, image my surprise when I typed in "Emilie Autumn" into the ringtone search and came back with two results- "Shalott" and "Liar."  To be honest, I don't want an EA ringtone.  When I had Davy Jones' music box as my ringtone I found that I started to jump and check my phone every time I heard something that sounded remotely like a music box:

Although "Liar" has to be one of my least favorite EA songs, so I am sure that such a ringtone would not be detrimental to my listening habits:

I tried to find several steampunk bands with no results, however. I was really hoping for an Abney Park song, perhaps "Building Steam " or "Throw Them Overboard:"

So the long saga of my cell phone purchasing may not have been necessary.  I think I just wanted an excuse to post more neo-Victorian songs on this blog.  Cheers!

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