Wednesday, December 15, 2010

"who is this king of glory?"

Random thought:  Why the hell are there silhouettes of a Victorian man and Victorian woman on the restroom doors of the Pittsburgh Hofbrauhaus?  One would think that a German beer hall-themed restaurant would rather want to have Bavarian-dressed men and women denoting the correct gender that may enter each restroom.

On a completely unrelated note to this blog, my twin sister, who is visiting from South Carolina, showed me this clip of Stephen Colbert expressing himself through the art of dance:

After watching this, Leigh and I surmised how Colbert will be received by God when he arrives at the gates of Heaven.

God: (referring to The Colbert Report) Well, Stephen, that certainly was one interesting way to use the gifts I gave you.

Colbert: (pointing) Can You name that cloud after me?

God: No.

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