Friday, January 14, 2011

blood-suckers like it industrial

You know those ads on the sides of websites with flashing ads all around the perimeters?  When I saw the image of a Victorian cameo brooch flash across the image of one of the ads, I just had to click on it.  I was forwarded to Dracula's Clothing, a specialty clothing website started by Truls Stokka and Ida W. Thorsen.

Sounds like a pure goth clothing site, right?  Well, yes, as I explained in this blog post that I wrote one year ago.  It makes perfect sense, then, that Dracula's Clothing would offer our favorite kind of specialty clothing- STEAMPUNK! Such as this kick-ass Aviator corset:
image source: Dracula Clothing
This dress:
image source: Dracula Clothing
And this pocketwatch:
image source: Dracula Clothing
The prices for these pieces are listed in Euros.  Since I am hopeless as most conversions (and most math things in general), I am not sure how that really translates in U.S. dollars, but I am pretty sure that these pieces are expensive.  But these pieces look just amazing.

I strongly recommend giving Dracula Clothing a look if you have high-end steampunk fashion needs to meet.


  1. (I reposted this, with minor edits and deleted the original comment.)

    The EUR to USD conversion rate is about $1.30 per every €1.00. Roundabouts...

    I use to check the rates of the day. As a general rule, the prices in euros tend to be a little higher than their US equivalent, but being "well educated" in looking at clothing quality, the price difference is worth it.

    At RPG conventions where I'm from (Finland) you can get different historically accurate-ish, high quality clothes, outfits and accessories for compatible prices, and they're cheaper than cheap polyester mock-ups you see for sale at a lot of US based sites. For 150-300% higher prices!

    I'm always cringing at the pictures my US friends have up on facebook from SCA-activities or ren faires, because a majority of clothing is anachronistic, and the materials are either too finely woven, or outright screaming "SYNTHETIC COLOURS THAT WEREN'T INVENTED UNTIL 1982!" or both.

  2. The dress - as you can probably see :P Is from fanplusfriend, if you buy the dress from their website you can get custom sizes and they have a currency conversion device on their site, so you just click the price of any item and you have the option of changing currency so you see the site in your native currency. Probably cheaper from their too.

    Also Penny please do direct me in the direction of these better cheaper clothes! :P I'm always looking for new sites. It's so hard to find sometime that someone else doesn't already have. Erghh

  3. Penny- I know exactly what you're talking about in regard to cheap knock-offs of historic or SCA clothes. It is rather common here. I've seen great costumes at Ren Faires, but they're usually in the hundreds and not easily affordable. I spend a lot of time looking for high-quality steampunk or historical clothes that fit my meager budget. Anyone who can point me to anything int he steampunk genre, point me that way and I'll post about it.

  4. I really meant it when I said "at conventions", like what people make and sell as a hobby once a year and that sort of stuff...

    The best way to scout for work you like for affordable prices is to go to or or similar, and look for people who make costumes more as a hobby than a profession, and contact them about the possibility for a commission. A lot of people have both an Etsy and dA account, and often link to and fro from their galleries of past work.

    (Yeah, I'm hoping to be able to do that, too... sometime starting this year.) might have something, although the materials and colours aren't always as period accurate as I like them.

    I get my corsetry from Mari-Pilvi Junikka, one of the founders of

    My current waistline with an entirely closed up underbust is 23". Which is good, considering that although I am slim, I'm still almost 5'10" tall... I'm hoping to be able to commission two more corsets for my tightlacing project within the next year... *daydreams*