Thursday, January 27, 2011

rose city of steam

 image source: Neighborhood Notes.  
Mrs. (Mary Lou) Sullivan of Rose City SteamPunks, Local 23. 
Photo: Mrs. Sullivan

 Methinks that the city of Portland, OR, has potential to be the steampunk capital of America, at least according to this article from Neighborhood Notes, Portland's community news website.  It not only explains the concept of steampunk, but its growth in the Portland community, especially regarding the fashion scene.  Portlanders Mac McGowan, who ones SteamBaby, and Cass Mathieson of Cadaverous Lovely are both based in Portland.

image source: Cadaverous Lovely's Facebook page.
Photo by K. Lang Photography.
Also, the first steampunk film festival that has ever come to my attention- the Rose City Steampunk Film Festival will be held at the local Clinton Street Theater on February 13.  There will be steampunk merchants as well as films for the enthusiast to enjoy.  Two of the films to appear have been covered on this blog in the past year:

Brown Cup of Joy

And League of STEAM:

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