Thursday, January 20, 2011

steaming it up in the rainy city

Winter making you feel stagnant and blue?  You can always steam things up a bit, at least if you're in Seattle, by partying like it's 1899 at the Steampunk Exhibition Ball this weekend:
image source: LiveJournal
Sponsored by the Center for Sex Positive Culture and held at the Museum of History and Industry, the Steampunk Exhibition Ball returns for a second year of neo-Victorian delights for all ssteampunkers or interested parties in the northwest.

For $30-$35, one can experience the talents of bands such as Miss Mamie Lavona the Exotic Mulatta and Her White Boy Band and Toy Box Trio, be mesmerized by the movements of the beautiful ladies of CopperClock Belly Dance, enjoy the sights of visual artist La Petite Mort, and learn the latest steampunk ballroom dances with the Seattle Clockwork Quadrille.

 Compete for such honors in the Beard and Moustache Competition as:
  • Genuine Beard or Moustache of the Most Impressive Grandeur: naturally grown and styled for impressive appearance or size
  • Best Augmentation: real hair or artificial; ribbons, gears and dynamos are all highly encouraged!
  • Most Splendid Incorporation into the Overall Artistic Vision of Manly Steampunkery: best compliments the outfit for overall steampunk look
Or, in the equally cutthroat Fabulous Hat Competition:
  • Most Fetching Hat: loveliest and aesthetically pleasing
  • Into the Aether: most defying of the laws of physics
  • Best Design for Mechanical Utility : engineered for function
  • Greatest Steampunk Hat: crowd favorite
 So grab your best pair of goggles, your favorite brand of absinthe, and your most decked-out clockwork outfit and get your groove on a la Captain Nemo.

As for me, I'll be in wet, gray Pittsburgh, ruing the day that I did not take up my uncle's offer to visit him in Seattle on this very weekend.

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