Monday, January 24, 2011

the 'unlaced' posse

I am home sick from work today, so I'm not feeling up to a big blog post.  But I do have two random pieces of news from my own personal experiences:
  1. The Millvale leg of Emilie Autumn's 2011 The Asylum Tour: The Door now officially has seven people associated in some way with Unlacing the Victorians who plan to be in attendance. The original plan involved three people- myself, my little sister Jordan, and my boyfriend Scott.  Kamy, a fan who I had met at the last concert, later told me that she's coming as well.  And that was it until last week.  In that time two of my high school friends and fellow goth event attendees, Christine and Holly, have decided to go when I was certain that they had bailed out on my invitation months ago.  And Scott's co-worker Steve has also expressed an interest in seeing the burlesque aspect of the show, so now he's coming along as well.  So now there's officially an Unlacing the Victorians posse, which presents to me so many devious possibilities for mankind...
  2. My friend Emily has also just informed me that her little brother, a senior in high school, wanted to cut a strap off an old purse of hers to make steampunk goggles. While Jonathon is much more avant-garde with subcultures than most kids in the small, non-diverse rural community from which I came, I am surprised that even he knew about steampunk.  Perhaps it is a sign that the subculture is becoming much more popular with our youth.

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