Sunday, January 30, 2011

"you wanna battle me?"

I came across this music video last night, discovering in the process an Internet rapper's feud, Victorian style, between Professor Elemental, the eccentric pith helmet-wearing hip hop artist, and Mr. B, the Gentleman Rhymer:

Is Mr. B (who's more Edwardian than Victorian) truly cramping the Professor's style?

Professor Elemental explains to Carl Watkins at Guerrilla Geek the origins of the rivalry, as well as the rap battle that may or may not ensue from the challenge presented to Mr. B in Elemental's "Fighting Trousers" video:
GG: The new single is also a diss song that targets self-proclaimed “Gentleman Rhymer” Mr. B. What prompted you to write this song and why Mr. B?

PA: Over the last couple of years, I have hardly been able to do a gig without someone mistaking me for B or asking if I am going to battle him. People tell me he has been biting my style, ripping me off etc. Anyway, I am a hip hop emcee first and foremost and the way to settle things in hip hop is by way of a lyrical battle. Hence the song ‘Fighting Trousers’.

GG: Ideally, how would you like to resolve this feud? Would it be a freestyle battle to the death in front of a live audience? Also, may I suggest a stipulation that he shave his lip warmer if he loses?

PA: Yes! And if I lose I’ll do my gig wearing lederhosen. Oh hang on, I do that anyway. Yeah, I want a battle to the death, or at least until one of us starts to cry. I reckon we’ll make it happen early next year.

GG: Have you heard any response, either directly or indirectly, from Mr. B about the track?

PA: There have been a few promoters that want to put the battle on, but we don’t know if B is up for it yet. If there IS a battle, I will, as my grandma used to say, have his guts for garters.

GG: But you haven’t heard anything from Mr. B about a possible match up or musical rebuttal?

PA: Well, we are supposed to be meeting up to discuss it over tea.. but it’s not confirmed yet, I only hope it doesn’t end up in some kind of enormous Battenberg fight. (Editor’s note: a Battenberg is a light sponge cake with a pink and yellow checkered interior. It is covered in marzipan and looks delicious.)
Personally, I'm rooting for Professor Elemental.  Sorry Mr. B.  Not only does the Professor exude more Victorian characteristics--he also has an entire rap song dedicated to strong, black teas.

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