Thursday, February 3, 2011

come one, come all!

While most of the steampunk events I find out about online appear to be on or near the West Coast, I finally found something in my neck of the U.S.:
image source: Steampunk World's Fair

I'll have to see if Leigh is willing to check this out with me.  It sounds like a bloody good time for all.  Plus, Leigh could meet Professor Elemental in person so she can tell him how much she loves his "Fighting Trousers."

Check out the event website here.


  1. I´m jealous! you are so lucky enjoying this things. In Spain is realy difficult to know about steampunk or victorian events, no one knows what is it!

  2. I wish I could say that it was any easier in the U.S. It's a bloody big country with a lousy public transportation system, and where I live (Western Pennsylvania), steampunk is practically non-existent. I usually have to travel very far via car or bus to attend.

    At least you have England nearby, where a lot of steampunk events are held. But that's even more traveling for you, I bet, than it would be for me to go to New Jersey.