Thursday, February 10, 2011

it's 4 o'clock somewhere

The second part of Emilie Autumn's North American tour began today (or, shall I say, yesterday, since it is after midnight) in Cleveland, OH.  I haven't heard how it went, I don't really care how it went, because next stop for EA and the Bloody Crumpets is PITTSBURGH!

The show at Mr. Small's Theater will be a much needed "let loose" moment for yours truly.  This week saw the beginning of several new projects:

  • I'm working to get my boss back on track with... well, everything.  But that's every week...
  • I've started to pick up a couple of extra working hours with the law office that my boss and I share office space with.  Now I have three jobs in that building, two in that office.  I should just move in and save myself the trouble of having to dress for work everyday. :-p
  • I also began taking active steps towards receiving counseling for my depression.  Although the depression rears its ugly, monstrous head every now and again in me, it's relatively under control due to medication and removing myself from mentally and emotionally draining environments.  I have not thought of suicide since July, but my current, daily life is just one shade of gray- neither unbearable nor enjoyable.  Now my goal is to begin setting goals for myself other than: "Don't kill yourself until after the Emilie Autumn concert."  I want to be happy.  Counseling with medication is a lot better than just medication, or just counseling. Hopefully these first steps will help me towards making goals with the actual future in mind.
  • I also started (and finished) a gift for Emilie Autumn.  Of course I waited until the last minute.  But what can I say?  At least it's done.
Besides these new projects, I've also worked for the past 10 days straight.  I am taking the entire day off just for EA's concert so I can get ready in a leisurely fashion.  My little sister's recent plans to attend her high school prom just ruined the outfit I had planned to wear to the concert (the pink corset top is part of the prom dress she was going to wear), so I am reverting to the outfit I wore for the last concert with no major changes- there just isn't enough time.

A few more individuals have also tentatively committed to joining the Unlacing the Victorians posse at the concert.  With such a large group supporting EA and the Bloody Crumpets, and the fact that my copy of The Asylum for Wayward Victorian Girls was returned to me this evening from a friend to whom I had lent it nearly six months ago, I am prepared for all sorts of suffering.

Now, the questions is:


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