Tuesday, February 1, 2011

neo-victorian office wear

This past weekend I found myself putzing around Anthropologie in East Liberty for kicks, mainly because about 98% of the merchandise in there is out of my financial comfort zone.  While browsing through the sales rack, however, I came across a neo-Victorian influenced skirt for only $30!

Despite my love of the fashion, my indulgence into the fashion doesn't usually go beyond a cameo necklace or locket for the office.  Not that my boss would care.  He liked when I came in around Halloween in knee-high boots, fishnets, a ripped-up skirt with a slight bustle at the back, and a black blazer with a red camisole underneath (with a cape and a half-white mask that I only wore for two hours that day, I became the female Phantom of the Opera).  He seemed to miss the point that my outfit was due to his request weeks earlier that I pass out candy to local schoolkids who would be trick-or-treating at businesses in our neighborhood, because he asked why I didn't dress like that more often. 

But I digress.  The reason I don't often indulge in alternative fashion styles at work is because our company shares offices with a law firm.  They were uncomfortable with my goth costume at Halloween, and I don't want to cause my boss any trouble due to complaints about my dress. I am pretty easy to see- my office is a glass fishbowl, and all of their clients catch at least a glimpse of me.  Since I interact with the law office employees more so than my own boss most of the time, I try to keep on good terms with them in order to make my own job easier. 

Due to the toned-down nature of the outfit I put together from my new Anthropologie purchase, I got to play the neo-Victorian office manager for the day: 

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