Saturday, April 9, 2011

asylum-style beverage for the wayward victorian girl

After my afternoon jog today I was pleasantly surprised by the contents of a nondescript envelope mixed in with my mail- a plastic bag filled with dried tea leaves.  Return address: Emilie Autumn, Chicago IL.

The Victorianindustrial musician had finally made good on her promise to send all of the V.I.P.s of her February Pittsburgh concert the Asylum Tea that we were unable to sample at the V.I.P. event.  A call to my little sister confirmed that she had received her tea today as well.

I waited until this evening to brew the tea. Once again I apologize for the poor quality of the photos.  I will have to purchase a digital camera one of these days instead of using the lousy built-in camera on my laptop.

The verdict?

Excellent.  It's an amber-colored tea, probably a weak black tea, with hints of spearmint in it.  In other words, a nice choice to give to fans who may have a wide variety of tastes in tea.  I wish I knew what the tea was called to advertise it further to readers, but the bag did not have a note of that sort and the "TEA" section of The Asylum Emporium does not have any tea products currently posted. 

Thank you very much, Emilie Autumn and EA's manager, for making sure that the Pittsburgh V.I.P.s were able to enjoy Asylum Tea after all.

Please excuse me while I self-medicate with the remainder of the tea in my tea pot.


  1. All I have to say is that you are extremely lucky.
    Hope EA posts some teas on the Asylum emporium soon

  2. It is nice to have received Asylum Tea so long after the VIP experience ended, although that night was so cold that a hot cup of tea would have really warmed me up as well. :)

    I hope she does post Asylum Teas on her website soon as well.