Monday, April 18, 2011

"but i was first!"

Thank you Gracie Gru for sharing this image with me regarding both my favorite childhood movie and my current favorite movie.
image source: Fuck Yeah, The Great Mouse Detective!
Yes Basil, although you did it first, Robert Downey Jr. did make being an antisocial know-it-all detective cool.  And mainstream, which you never managed to pull off.  Is that why you're going with a hipster look in this pic?

The fact that there is a blog out there called Fuck Yeah, The Great Mouse Detective! has just made my day.  I predict it holds much future fodder for this blog- scanning through the archives I already see an interview with Vincent Price and some YouTube videos that look promising.

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  1. Hahahaha! Oh it's so true! I was ranting to one of my friends that's obsessed with the Downey Jnr Sherlock version about this very topic and they just dismissed me. I'm glad someone agrees!