Monday, April 25, 2011

victorian dress paired up with the stuff it influences

The Northumberland Gazette had an interesting Victorian and neo-Victorian related fashion article in today's online edition of the newspaper.

As part of its Palace of the Modern Magician exhibit, Cragside, a country house in Northumberland belonging to Victorian inventor and industrialist Lord Armstrong , will be displaying a recreation of a dress that Princess Alexandra wore on a visit to Cragside in 1884.

The dress, made last summer before tourists' eyes using the same materials and sewing and cutting methods employed 100 years ago to make the original, is finally on display in its entirety.

image source: Northunberland Gazette
As a bonus feature to the exhibit, a neo-Victorian piece inspired by Alexandra's dress and other Victorian fashions will be on display with the dress:

An 18th and 19th century inspired creation designed by 22-year-old Harriet Ferris will be on display until May 2.

Also exhibited will be digital images showing how Luca’s dress is put together while visitors will be able to see Harriet’s sketch books alongside a stunning lace and ruffle Victorian-style collar she designed earlier this year.
I wish we could see what Ferris's collar looks like.  Guess the only option is to visit Cragside to see it.

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